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Also known as Agua de Florida, Florida Water has long been used in spiritual circles for purification.  It is technically known as a “Cologne Water” hailing from the days when it was believed that overpowering colognes could be seen as offensive instead of the cooling splash of a “water” with fragrance infused into it.  

Florida Water carries elements of orange, bergamot, lavender, rose and more.  These plants all carry their own specific energy that combines to create this cleansing and protective water. 

The Murray & Landman version offered here is the commercial recipe that’s been used for years in Botanicas such as ours, homes, spiritual houses, and as a daily cleanse for individuals.  

There are many things you can do with your Florida Water: 

  1. Use it to clean your crystals before charging.
  2. Cleanse your sacred space before ritual
  3. Carry it with you and use during the day for an instant cleansing and refresher
  4. Put a few drops into your bath water
  5. Inhale it for a quick energy boost, and to rejuvenate you during the day
  6. Use Florida Water instead of Holy Water
  7. Add a few drops of Florida Water to petitions or candles to amplify your work. 

We offer Florida Water in both 7.5oz and 16 oz sizes