And lo and behold, when asking the cards for a reading for the Super Blood Moon, the Ace of Pentacles jumped out the deck.  

This card signifies that the universe is conspiring to give you another chance.  You have been given the gift of catalyst, a "heavenly jump start" so to speak. This is the green light you were looking for, to launch that business, act on that idea, or apply for that job you want. 

Though the Ace of Pentacles is a gift - it is telling that it is the ace.  You're being given the beginning, the start of something, not the whole thing.  Think about this as "energetic seed money" you have the initial investment, but what will you do to make the business grow? the relationship bloom? the idea come to fruition? 

The work is yours, but the seed is there. Water it.  Take any negative experiences you may have along the way, and fertilize it.  Be patient with it, and watch it grow.  The traditional interpretation of this card doesn't show the pentacle being given in a garden for no reason.  It is the universe's ultimate seed, cultivate it, and make yourself something new 🔮

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